The High Priests Of Today

Who Are The High Priests Today?

The most dramatic part of Jesus’ life is where he challenges the priests. Here is someone claiming to be the son of God challenging the most well known gatekeepers to that same God. He is challenging authority. And pays the ultimate price for the same.

Who are the priests today? There are some in the churches, temples and the mosques, monasteries, and yes, in synagogues. There are Muslim clerics who talk violence and are the most blasphemous souls on earth. There are Christian haters who paint the Muslim population in the most heinous colors and make them look inhuman and do wrong by God.

But the bigger priests are those who hold political office. And they are not just in autocratic countries. America right now is home to a demagogoue who is singing tunes to the democratic process. It is a mockery. The message of hate is total.

But the biggest priests of the day are on the Wall Streets of the world.

What is money? Money is trust. And it is not the trust of the rich, or that of a few individuals. Money is the collective trust of all humanity. The currency in one country also depends on the trust of people from other countries to not collapse. The currency in one country depends on the trust of everybody in that country. A small minority can vote for and elect a president. But that country’s currency survives on the trust of every single person who lives in that country.

Money is like words. We communicate with words. Money is also communication. Money in banks are like dictionaries that all people together own.

Money is not property. It is trust. If your net worth is a trillion dollars, and you take that money out of circulation. That is like treating money like it were property. But it’s not. It is trust. You can have a net worth of a trillion dollars, perhaps you earned it. Your service to society was so enormous that your net worth went through the roof. But you may not take that trillion out of circulation. Because it is not for you to take that money out of circulation. That money is worthless if the people were to withdraw their trust.

It is not for us to test God. It is the other way round. And we pass the test by ever so always seeking to think the right thought, and do the right action, and perhaps serve. The right conduct is an ongoing aspiration. We become worthy of God by aspiring to do good. Faith will prevent us from doing harm. Faith reaches where laws can’t. Although good and just laws have to be built like good roads and they have to be enforced in the most fair ways.

The creation is the miracle.

The conversation does not have to get accusatory. For the high priests of today, as of that day, act out of ignorance. They do things and make decisions or keep up the status quo that is not in their best interests either. So they do it out of utter ignorance. They exercise power wrongly. They shut out people when they should listen. Lack of humility nullifies any knowledge they might have accumulated along the way. They lose purpose and do wrong and cause harm, get in the way.

Through creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, democracy, technology, and prosperity abundance is within our reach for the first time in history. The age of abundance is upon us. And the high priests of today should not repeat the mistakes of the high priests of yesterday. The rich can get richer still, but their clenched fists have to open up. The rich countries have to share, for the poor lifting up will raise the rich countries as well. The per capita income will go up in every country, and the abundance mantra will pass the clean energy test, for there is no abundance if you harm the earth, our only home. This earth is the only possible abundance, in harming earth you are but going backwards.

We are one people, one species, marching inexorably to species level arrangements in all spheres of life. We have strong evidence that we are one people, one planet, aspiring to one God that we all pray to in our own ways. We are like blind men touching the elephant and describing it in our own ways. God is one.

Diversity is as natural as fingerprints. Human beings are meant to be diverse just like water is supposed to flow. The wind is supposed to blow. Human diversity as well as ecological diversity is how the Creator makes things interesting. There is no arguing with the algorithms of creation. So stop the hate, spread the love. Let people mingle. Build big cities. Let people in.

Islam is valid, because peace, and kindness and justice are valid. But anyone arguing against peace and kindness and justice are invalid in all religions. God’s ways are kind, and just and peaceful. God is the God of plenty. All lasting justice is only possible through peace. Speak your grievances and they will be addressed, some sooner, some later. Violence is not God’s way. Do not destroy what he created.

God is not just when you close your eyes. God is also in the physical. In appreciating the creation, in conversing with your fellow human beings, you can not be away from God. God is in totality. And that is why we also have to build. We have to build the political institutions, and the infrastructures of prosperity. We have to work and take delight in work. We have to raise families. We have to eat and sleep and exercise, for the body is His temple. It is for you to take good care of it.

The all seeing, all powerful, ever present God can only inspire kindness and rightfulness. It is no wonder the self styled gate keepers, in feeling proximity to that power by association, become corrupt in their own ways, and instead of helping people along get in the way of the masses.

You should be able to pray in private. If you can’t, you are only going through the motions in congregation. But if you are able to pray in utmost privacy until your heart aches, there is much joy in congregation. All of humanity is but one large congregation. If God’s will is realized, we will never be out of congregation. Not in this life, not in the life thereafter. Never.

The people are the only source of worldly power. That is the best arrangement also for God’s will, for every human being has within reach direct access to that God. And when those same people are the only source of all worldly power is perhaps the best way to ensure God’s will gets done.

Money needs to be 100% digital, 100% global, 100% on the blockchain such that every single transaction gets recorded, and 100% in circulation. Every human being needs to be connected to the Internet as a symbolism to every human being’s direct connection to God himself. We have the option to create Heaven on Earth in this new millennium. This world can be moved to a 10,000 trillion dollar economy within a few hundred years. We already have the knowhow and a roadmap. The high priests of the day need to get out of the way. They have the option to do so in ways that also benefits them. But they have to regardless of if they want to or not. For power does not rest with them. Power rests with the people, and through them, with God Almighty.

I pray to the same God that you pray to.



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