The Law Of Political Entropy

The Gist Of It

The Law Of Political Entropy (I think I formulated it, so I am going to blog about it) says: A country tends towards democracy granted there is sufficient flow of information. Democracy is disorder. I am fascinated by America’s original mission: a total spread of democracy, just like I am disgusted by America’s original sin: race. America needs help.

There are implications to the suggestion. Barack Obama, or rather America, messed up the 2008 Great Recession, or rather the stimulus. A trillion dollars should have been spent to take every human being online. It is still not too late for America to buy 25% of Elon Musk‘s satellite internet company for $100 billion and cut down its defense budget by 90%, not right away, but within 10 years from now. Who says governments can’t angel invest? Break the rules. And my idea of crowdfunding is when a government like the US angel invests on behalf of 300 million Americans. When this 100 billion becomes 10 trillion in 10 years, America should pay down its debt and feel lighter.

Think about that. All you have to do is beam down the Internet. That is your best bet against ISIS. That is also your best bet against China. That is your best bet in Africa. And in India. Heck, that is your best bet in America. What is racism but insufficient democracy?


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