A Total Spread Of Democracy And America

America is the oldest democracy of modern times. A total spread of democracy is America’s original mission marred by its original sin: race. If cutting America’s defense budget by 90% or more is what it will take to fulfill the mission, will America do it? Not likely. The original sin gets in the way. America has been a white supremacist country and putting one black guy in the White House has not changed that. But we live in a global world now, and that is its own momentum.

Bringing the US defense budget down substantially and ploughing most of the proceeds into taking broadband to every corner on earth is what needs to be done, and after that the logical next step would be a world government. When you have hundreds of millions of Muslims sharing cat videos, if that is what they do, that makes ISIS irrelevant. If every African is carrying a phone with internet access, corrupt governments topple one after the other. Break the Chinese firewall by beaming in internet from satellites, and China will go plural. Because the political law of entropy says a country tends towards democracy if there is a free flow of information.

The biggest mistake of the 2009 stimulus in the US was a big chunk of it was not put into taking broadband to every American. The 1930s Great Depression was used to make a massive push towards industrialization, aided later by World War II. The next thing now is the service sector, the knowledge economy. America also needs the Internet.


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